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A picture of George's completed custom ordered beaded bolo tie to match  his pictured beaded belt buckle.

A pictur of George's custom ordered Bolo tie centerpiece with complimentary matching beaded tips.

Close-up view of George's custom ordered beaded bolo centerpiece.

Back side view of George's custom ordered beaded Bolo Tie.

I just love it when I get custom order requests, it keeps me on my toes and challenges my creative juices.  Recently, a fellow named George contacted me about doing a Bolo Tie to match a Belt Buckle he had purchased some years before.  When he sent me a picture of the buckle, I figured it would be a piece of cake, no problem, to make a match.  Oh contrare!!  It turned out that the "green" bead looked more "turquoise" to me on my monitor, and then it became an almost month long task of finding the right colored bead to match his buckle.  The second issue was his braid that he did himself.  We had to figure out a way to construct a ~slide~ that would be suitable, which he also constructed for me on a material that I provided him.  (He actually tells the story himself in a very nice letter he wrote for me to post on this page...Thanks George!).

In picture 1 above, you can see the completed Bolo with the actual Belt Buckle.  Although I did not make the belt buckle, both the Bolo and Buckle are weaved in an appliqued Lane stitch using size 13/0 Charlotte Cut glass beads and size 14/0 Japanese Round glass beads.  I've backed the Bolo with genuine pigskin suede leather and finished it with a rope style beaded edging that matches the edging on the buckle. As you can see, I have well hidden the custom made slide.  Finished beadworked Bolo/Bola centerpiece measures about 2 1/2  inches around.  I also did about 2 inches worth of a beaded tubular peyote stitch above the fringed ends in a complimentary pattern to give the Bolo/Bola Tie a complete and finished look.

In the end, this project took much longer and was more technical that I had first quoted George as far as time and price, but I only charged him the max that I had originally quoted, rather than what I'll be listing it for.  I consider this to be a One-Of-A-Kind creation.  However, it could inspire you for something totally unique for yourself or that special gift giving occasion, just contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.  Prices will vary dependent upon the size and needs of the project, feel free to get a quote first.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS:  I would recommend Sunshine Witt as a highly skilled artist for any beading project that one may wish to have done.  Her work ranks with the best that I have ever observed.  In addition to that, I have found her to be easy to work with, and it is not only her excellent work, but her desire to help meet a customers every need which elevates her services far above the norm.

Approximately seven years ago, while in the western United States, I purchased a Beaded Belt Buckle from an American Indian artist of the Cheyenne Nation.  Over the years I have attempted, without much success, to have a Bolo Tie made to match the buckle.  One day recently, I came upon Sunshine's Web Site and contacted her, first by e-mail and then by telephone.

I guess the work was complicated by the fact that I wanted the back of the Bolo sized to fit a wider than normal Buckskin Tie that I braided myself.   I was also very picky on the color match of the beads in the Buckle, and the Green Bead that was used in the Buckle was not easy to duplicate.  I found her more than willing to take on the project.

With several phone calls and many e-mails, we started with photographs of the Buckle, and proceeded through a number of bead orders from varied suppliers, and mailing bead samples back and forth.  She was not satisfied until we got it just right.  One perfectionist is bad enough, but two make a project like this a lengthy undertaking.  Not once did she hesitate in her attempts to satisfy.  In any case we achieved success and the project completed with me mailing her my braided tie to size and add beading on the ends.

I must also add that I found her pricing extremely reasonable for the time that she must have put into this project. 

It is with this experience that I say without hesitation that Sunshine is by far the best person to work with, if you are looking for custom beading work.  She is a true artist.

Thanks Sunshine,
George in Pennsylvania



Price: $125.00

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