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This was the second request from a customer, with a penchant for expensive designer bags, to create 'purse' jewelry. Because of the design of the bag, a unique creation encompassing a 'Bolo/Bola for the 'fastening' of the 'bag jewelry' was the best solution for the display.

She chose for her  2nd choice/purse this 2 inch round porcelain cabochon made by my friend Red Ventling featuring a wolf clan in a grove of birch trees. I used an appliqué technique to create the bezel with Japanese size 14/0 glass round beads.  I then used a spiral edging enhanced with genuine 3mm Czech bronzed barrel beads.  The fringe accents include the same 3mm Czech bronzed barrel beads and thick drilled wood slivers.

Mounted  on and backed with genuine pigskin leather, this piece measures approximately 2 3/4 inches by 7 inches.

This is a One-Of-A-Kind creation but it could inspire you for something totally unique for yourself or that special gift giving occasion, visit the CABOCHON GALLERY your choices and then contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.


Item#: Wolves in Birch Trees Purse Decoration/Bolo/ Necklace
Price: $200.00

Prices vary dependent upon centerpiece, bead choice and accents...

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