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Bear, a beaded depiction of a tribal totem sketch of a Bear.

Bear, a beaded depiction of a tribal totem sketch of a Bear close-up.

Bear, a beaded depiction of a tribal totem sketch of a Bear sketch.


This original design of a Bear is based on a totem ink sketch (shown above) of the Tulalip Tribes of Washington State.

The Bear is representative of introspection, strength, leadership, learned humility, motherhood, and teaching, and is also frequently mentioned as "first helper" in creation/emergence stories. The bear embodies self-observation, because every winter, it retires to a cave to reflect on the events of the past year. It enters into the great silence, the big empty, to find the answers to all questions.  Many people also choose the path of silence and solitude to find themselves. This is an opportunity to obtain answers, since all answers can be found within ourselves. Self-observation is necessary to recognize one's wishes. The power of the bear embraces this receiving, female energy. The bear withdraws into a dream world every winter in the search for answers and is reborn every spring.  The bear teaches us how important it is to recognize the right time to take a step back from the noisy world around us and from our thoughts. For it is in silence that we can hear the voice of the higher self that knows the answers to all questions and holds the solution to all problems. Use the power of the bear to realize your goals.  Bear is also known as a creature of the "Dream-time".

Weaved in flat vertical peyote with size 18/0 antique (circa 1800's) hand blown glass beads, [see more detailed information under "History of Antique Micro Beads"]. Mounted in a freestanding frame it measures 3 x 4 1/2 inches.

An extremely unique, highly collectible, One-Of-A-Kind artwork.

Item #FA505

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