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Beaded Picture of the 3 Firemen raising the Flag "Tribute to 9-11"

As with everyone who saw it, I was struck deeply by the photo of this image on the front of Time Magazine. Since I do not use any of the computer programs for my design work, it took me almost 3 weeks of trial and error drawings and the filling/coloring of my OWN personally designed bead/gridwork pattern vellum graph paper to get what I considered to be a workable beadwork pattern done.

My eventual accumulative bead weaving time was more than 30 hours. (I time my beadweaving time in actual hours spent working on a project...I write down the time that I start working and times ended, in the end, I can tell you how much time I've spent on a project in regards to accumulative beadworking time). It actually took me almost 3 months to finish this particular artwork, working on it off and on in my off hours from my clock punching job.

Weaved in my perfected version of flat peyote using size 14/0 Japanese round glass beads.  The beadwork picture is 5x7 inches, I found a wonderful black freestanding frame  that measured 4 x 6 inches that was just ~perfect~ for showcasing this beaded artwork, as I included no less than 1/4 inch neutral beaded edges on all 4 sides.

A lot of heart, soul, and time went into making this picture and this particular pattern probably will never be repeated making it a One-Of-A-Kind creation.

After years of this piece being showcased and recognized, there was still no buyer at the extremely reasonable price of $450 that I had been offering it for, when, truth be known, I should have put a grand in front of it...meaning, $1450.  I HAD requests to DONATE it, but could never VERIFY the validity of the charity making the request.

My youngest son (born in 1984) made it clear to me that if this particular artwork never SOLD, he wanted me to leave it to him in MY will.

As some of you faithful followers of my website know, I recently had to return to Washington State to place my aging mother into a Continuous Care Facility.  Having her tell me what items of property she had needed to be given to various family members made me realize that life can be short!!  We have no way of predicting how long each of us will live!!

My youngest son, Aaron, was more moved by my beadwork depiction of the photo of the firemen on the Time Life Magazine cover, than anyone else, or even any website comments I've received.  This moved me because of his age, I would've thought that my older son's would be more moved having actually lived through WAR times. 

The 9/11 war happened during my youngest son's time, so to speak, so I guess this is why this particular beadwork art had a lot of meaning to him.  He asked that if it never sold to leave it to him in my will.  After having to pack up my Mother's home and sell all her belongings to try and pay for her continuous care, I decided that upon my return home back to Georgia, that I would NOT wait til my ~death~ to give my children items that meant or had significance to them!!

I gave this picture to my son Aaron as a Christmas gift in the year 2009. 


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